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TF2 Demoman soundboard in the works!

2009-11-20 16:32:10 by HTSCONNER

Hey everyone my TF2 demoman soundboard is in the works i'm not really sure of when it will be done for now because i'm making all the artwork this time not just some of it.

TF2 Demoman soundboard in the works!

New profile header image

2009-11-20 15:13:54 by HTSCONNER

I have made a new header for my profile page check it out if you want to.

new soundboard cancelled.

2009-10-31 02:44:23 by HTSCONNER

I have decided to NOT make my Niko Bellic soundboard. If you want the sounds you can get them here

Niko Bellic sounds.

I like to release great things on NG this soundboard just wasn't cutting it for me although it would be cool to see someone use these sounds.

Oh and you can only download the sounds 10 times so get them while you can.

new soundboard cancelled.

New soundboard in the works.

2009-10-26 06:12:41 by HTSCONNER

No....for right now it isn't TF2 themed. It actually was supposed to get released before the scout soundboard but I had got caught up with the scout soundboard. But look for a new video game themed soundboard out by me possibly today or the next two days

Well I'm off to school!

P.S. I wanna thank everyone for the AMAZING feedback on my scout soundboard it will continue to help me in the future.

I'm back with another Team Fortress 2 soundboard as promised. This time its the Scout with 67 SOUNDS! Thats allot of sounds to entertain yourself with or do some prank calls. If you like it comment if you don't like it comment tell some ways I can make it better and who knows maybe ill do an update to it in the future like my TF2 Heavy Soundboard.


I'm currently working on a scout soundboard. Yes I know that someone has already made one but I want to make my own version of a scout soundboard.

TF2 Heavy Soundboard Update 2 released today!

2009-10-01 22:01:47 by HTSCONNER

Update 2! 10/1/09


27 new sounds (2nd page)
1 more easter egg
option on second page to goto easter eggs and credits


changed pre-loader background to custom made gradient
removed new logo
move first easter egg

TF2 Heavy Soundboard Update 2 released today!

TF2 Heavy Soundboard Update 2!

2009-09-22 17:24:26 by HTSCONNER

My TF2 Heavy Soundboard will be getting its second update with a second page filled with heavy sounds A WHOLE SECOND PAGE! No official time of when it will be released but for now be sure to check out the soundboard with the first update!

TF2 Heavy Soundboard!

Google Gravity

2009-09-21 05:07:11 by HTSCONNER

This is really cool!

Google with 100% more gravity

Go check it out!

Click Here!

Read the description for the update info.